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Las Vegas taking steps to prevent attacks similar to one in New York

Posted at 5:28 PM, Oct 31, 2017

The attack today in New York comes one month after the mass shooting in Las Vegas that took so many lives.

But, it was before the New York attack that Las Vegas began taking steps to prevent similar attacks in Las Vegas.

The county is working on a plan to install bollards on the Las Vegas Strip.

It is part of an overall plan to beef up security in the wake of terror attacks in London and in Frane.

County commissioners approved the installation of the bollards earlier this yer.

Bollards are steel posts that help protect people from vehicles that are driving onto sidewalks.

Doran Benbenisty says that terrorists look for easy targets. He runs a counter-terrorism school in North Las Vegas.

The bollards would make it more difficult for a vehicle to hurt numerous people.