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Las Vegas students develop smartphone app for emergency situations

Students inspired by 1 October shooting
Posted at 6:57 AM, Jun 06, 2018

Two local high school students developed a smartphone app that could help users in emergency situations. The students tell 13 Action News they were inspired to create the app after the 1 October shooting, saying they wanted to help people feel more prepared. 

The app is called Guardian Defense. It was created by Cimarron-Memorial High School seniors, Candice Johnson and Ilyssa McBride.  

The app gives information for different emergency situations, like a home break-in, a shooting, or a fire.  The app has a map function where you can find the nearest safe house, like a fire station or police station. It can also mass text your family and friends to tell them you're safe.  

The student developers say they were inspired by the 1 October shooting, and other mass shootings across the country. 

"Especially the school shootings," says Ilyssa McBride. "We know there are dangerous situations.  It hit close to home for us because of the Las Vegas shooting, so we wanted to make an app to help with that." 

The students won the Lenovo Scholar Network Competition, an annual competition that awards teams for developing the best mobile app that addresses community needs.