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Las Vegas small business gets boost from Cyber Monday

Posted at 6:26 PM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-26 21:47:04-05

Small Business Saturday is in the books, but retailers are hoping to get plenty of clicks on Cyber Monday.

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Some of the well-known stores are offering big deals and savings but you may want to consider local businesses.

Rockin’ Bettie is a shop in the Art District near downtown Las Vegas.  Days ahead of Monday, the owner Amy Ortiz prepped her website with good deals in hopes to sell more than what she makes in the average week. 

Dresses, shoes and blouses were clothing items trending on Rockin' Bettie’s website.

"People want the reds and greens. Wine and maybe green are the popular colors. I have them in shirts, in capris, in skirts," Ortiz said as she walked around her store.

Ortiz spent Monday morning getting ready to ship out orders.

"I [got a] influx of about 30 percent online orders on Cyber Monday as opposed to any other Monday."

She knows her sales cannot be compared to the larger stores.

"So far, I have four and by the end of the day I expect 10 more," Ortiz said while she put a black dress in a shipping bag.

A total of 14 online orders may not sound like much but according to Ortiz, it’s enough to keep the business going.  

"That's huge for me. I usually do four per week," said Ortiz.

Ortiz adds a little special touch to each online order.

"I handwrite a special note in every online order. I always write ‘thank you for your support.’"

She writes a grateful note because each item not only helps her business stay afloat, it provides for her family of five. 

"So being a small business owner, Cyber Monday makes a big impact for us as well," said Ortiz.