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Las Vegas singer-impressionist honors legacy of Judy Garland with rare collection

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 13:00:52-04

A local singer-impressionist is honoring the legacy of legendary superstar Judy Garland, 49 years after her death.

David de Alba's shrine to the star is inside of his Las Vegas house.

"You see how tiny her feet were?" he said.

His at-home museum contains rare Judy Garland memorabilia.  You can find everything from Garland's musical arrangements to sequined jackets and purple shoes.

"She was known for this kind of bow," said de Alba.

He not only looks like Garland but he sounds like her too.  De Alba spent years portraying the star at various stages, including the legendary Finocchio Club in San Francisco.

De Alba met the star in Chicago in 1968 just months before her death.  He started his collection in the 1970's.

All of the items bring de Alba comfort, especially after the loss of his partner.

"He passed away suddenly," said de Alba, "it's very difficult because I've never been alone in my life."

De Alba wants his collection to be preserved forever.  He believes it'll help honor Garland's memory.

"At least there was a Garland fan who loved her, who performed as her, and who kept her spirit alive through all the years of my life," he said, "that's quite a tribute to anybody."