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Las Vegas couple delivering 58 painted rocks to healing garden

Posted at 11:10 AM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-26 11:18:25-04

A Las Vegas couple will be delivering 58 painted rocks to the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden in Downtown Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

The rocks were painted by Maxine Dolan.

According to her husband Don, there is a heart on each rock along with the names that represent the couple's love for the victims and their families.

Maxine also painted various items on each rock that represents something that the victim was associated with.

Erick Silva's rock, for example, also features a security guard badge, a flashlight, a walkie talkie and a baton. The 21-year-old Las Vegas resident was working security for the festival the night of the mass shooting.

Brennan Stewart's rock also features a guitar and musical notes. Stewart, also a Las Vegas resident, was well known for his love of country music.

Don, Maxine and their daughter moved her in May 2013. They are fans of Jason Aldean and would have attended the festival if not for the NASCAR races that same weekend. In addition to painting the rocks, they have donated blood and done other things to show their support after the tragedy.

The Healing Garden is located near West Charleston and South Casino Center boulevards.

All of the rocks can be seen here. Don says that family members are welcome to download photos of the rocks.