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Former police officer transports victim to hospital after mass shooting

Incident caught on camera
Posted at 2:16 AM, Oct 03, 2017

A retired police officer is being praised for helping a shooting victim safety after the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

Phillip Riddle was on his way to the airport to pick up a friend but came across something he did not expect to see.

He saw people limping across the street and people carrying other people away from the scene of the shooting.

A man who was been wheeled to safety in a wheelbarrow was loaded into this Jaguar convertible. The man had been shot twice at the music festival.

Riddle says that he was able to get behind an ambulance and follow it to a local hospital.

He talked to his passenger throughout the trip, hoping his words would help keep him alive.

Riddle says that his training as a cop kicked in and helped him get the man to the hospital.

He also said that he wishes he had been driving his large four-door car so that he could have transported more victims to the hospital.