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Explosive found in mass shooting suspect's vehicle

Gun expert explains usage of Tannerite
Posted at 7:25 AM, Oct 05, 2017

Las Vegas police say they found 50 pounds of explosives in Stephen Paddock's vehicle at Mandalay Bay after the mass shooting that killed 58 people.

Action News spoke to Eric Brashear about the type of explosive that was found.

He told us that he often uses it at his gun range. According to Brashear, a half pound of the explosive causes an explosion that is "pretty significant."

He's also used bigger amounts. Brashear says that they used 10 pounts recently to blow a car in half.

Brashear, like many people, assumes Paddock intended to use the explosive, which is named Tannerite, at the concert. He says that if a single bullet had hit a large amount of tannerite, the results would have been catastrophic.

The exploding targets used by Brashear and other shooters is a mixture of regular items like ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. He says it is very satisfying for gun enthusiasts to see explosions when they are target shooting.

Brashear pointed out that it would be nearly impossible to ban the mixture because people could just buy the items individually and make their own.