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1 October documents: Country DJ's son down hall from shooter

Posted at 5:44 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 12:55:45-04

In the latest documents released by Las Vegas police Wednesday, a country DJ recalled his baby being down the hall from the shooter.

Dee Jay Silver had only been off the Route 91 Harvest Festival stage a few minutes when the shooting began during friend Jason Aldean's set. Security grabbed Silver, his wife and others and took them to a tour bus to hide.

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While hiding in the bus, Silver then received a text asking what floor his 1-year-old son Wake was on before realizing his baby was on the same floor as the gunman, Stephen Paddock. But it wouldn’t be several more hours before Silver would be reunited with his son.

When the shooting stopped, Silver and his group ran off the bus between the stage and barricades around the venue. 

"I just remember there's just bodies everywhere,” Silver said to police. “It was just -- it was just terrible." 

Silver was then taken into a house but was only there momentarily before jumping into the back of a pickup truck. He got out near the McCarran International Airport sign before arriving at a helicopter tour business. It was then that his wife got a text about his son. 

"Police came. They took me and (redacted) and we're runnin' down the hall,” he told police. “Are you -- they -- they escorted us down the hall, down the elevator." 

While Silver knew his son was safe, he didn’t know when he would get to see him. Eventually, Silver ended up at the Thomas & Mack. An officer told him those evacuated from Mandalay Bay might be there. 

Silver was then looking at every bus for the next hour looking for his son before receiving a text that they were at some bar at Town Square, another place where Mandalay Bay guests were taken.

He and his wife then headed to Town Square. His son was on the side of the street with the caretaker. 

"I just held him and held him and held him,” Silver told police. 

He later asked the caretaker what happened at Mandalay Bay. She had moved him to the opposite side away from where the gunshots were coming. 

When the caretaker went to go get the baby, she couldn’t get into the room. Eventually, SWAT helped get the baby out of the room and evacuated them from the hotel. 

Silver told police during the interview that he was thankful for the officers getting his son to safety.