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Las Vegas shooting survivors denied testimony in Tennessee

Posted at 3:33 PM, Mar 07, 2018

A Tennessee legislative panel has declined to let two Las Vegas concert shooting survivors testify after Republican lawmakers delayed Democratic legislation to ban the device used in the massacre.

Republican House Majority Leader Glen Casada said he requested Wednesday's delay on the bump stock ban proposal to hear how federal authorities will act in the coming weeks. President Donald Trump says he'll ban bump stocks by executive order.

House subcommittee chairman Republican Rep. Mike Carter said he doesn't recall allowing testimony on bills not being discussed. He said the two can testify when the bill is next considered.

Democratic Rep. Bill Beck disagreed, saying others have testified similarly. He and Democratic Rep. G.A. Hardaway left in protest.

The victims were Chris Stephens, a road manager for musician Jason Aldean, and Kari Kuefler.