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Las Vegas sees triple-digit heat, tips to stay safe in the pool

Posted at 9:29 AM, Jun 24, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Triple-digit heat is expected to continue in Las Vegas valley this week. As more water parks and public pools open, it's important to remind yourself and your kids how to stay safe around water.

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According to statistics from Amazon, inflatable pools have been a top seller this year. However, it only takes a couple inches to drown. Don't forget to drain an inflatable pool after every use.

Also, designate at least one person to stay on patrol and watch any kids in the water. With all the changes the last few months, first responders across the country say don't let this be the time to let your guard down.

"People are home, and children are home that are usually in daycare," says Lt. Dan Barnickle with Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue. "It's an adjustment for everybody."