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Las Vegas sees increase in conventions

Posted at 1:53 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-05 21:33:29-04

The convention business is booming and Las Vegas is reaping the benefits.

It's not just the big name companies anymore. A lot of smaller companies are also holding their conventions in Las Vegas. In fact, so many people are planning their meetings in town, businesses are expanding just to keep up.

More than 42 million people visited Las Vegas last year. That's a new record and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority says conventions are a big reason.
"The energy is higher and I think believe that's because of the location. It's in Las Vegas. Everybody's like ... Hey, let's go to Las Vegas. Sounds like fun," said Jim Kaffrey of Clowns of America International, which is currently hosting a convention at Circus Circus hotel-casino.
The LVCVA says visitors generated nearly $52 billion dollars here last year. Everyone, from tech moguls to professional clowns to contortionists, can come to Las Vegas to work and play.
"It's like really special to have a bunch of people who do the same things be here together," contortionist Anita Speeler said.
Speeler is currently in town for the International Contortion Convention at Sunset Station hotel-casino.