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Gun club membership up following crime wave

Posted at 5:12 PM, May 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 22:06:59-04
They may be older by they are far from helpless, the recent crime wave has more people living in one Las Vegas retirement community considering arming themselves.
"We've had a lot of daytime burglaries and as of recent we've had an actual shooting, attempted robbery of one of our residents," said Allen Sakaguchi about crime in his Sun City Summerlin community.
All that crime is making the Sun City gun club extremely popular. 
"We are not an exception, we are just experiencing it more because as we've discovered, as the bad guys know, we're easy pickings out here because you have an elderly population," said Sakaguchi, who is the president of the Sun City Gun Club.
More and more seniors living in Sun City Summerlin are arming themselves and preparing to fight back if need be. 
"Calling 911 is wonderful but there's a good chance they are not going to get there in two seconds or three seconds or what it takes," said Sun City Gun Club Member, Patty Daino.
For years membership in the Sun City Gun Club held steady at 40 to 50 people but in the last couple of months it's more than doubled to 125 people. 
"And everyday I'm getting more calls for coming on board to our club," said Sakaguchi.
Many of those are first-time gun owners looking to protect themselves.  
"Now we are getting people who, they are not necessarily there for recreational shooters, they are there for personal protection," said Sun City Gun Club instructor Rolf Vensand.
The Sun City Gun Club covers all the typical topics and it also focuses on things that its members need to know like what kinds of guns they will have the strength to handle.
"Those of us that are 60 and older, we are much different, we wear bifocals, we're not strong like the younger people," said Sakaguchi.
The head of the gun club and the instructors are people in the community who are also gun experts or former law enforcement. The Sun City Gun Club meets every month and offers classes as needed.