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Las Vegas Pride urges LGBTQ+ community to vote

Posted at 6:34 PM, Oct 23, 2016
This year marked the 33rd year for Las Vegas Pride, according to Las Vegas Pride's  President, James Healey.
Organizers wanted to reinvent Las Vegas Pride by hosting this year's event at Sunset Park, the same location they held the festival a decade earlier.
Healey said it serves as a good reminder to the LGBT community about the importance of getting out to vote.
"This is a hugely, hugely, important election cycle for the country, especially the LGBT community, from the national stage to the local candidates," Healey said. "We have come a long way when it comes to equality and the fight for equality. If the wrong people get into office, their freedoms... could be stripped away."
"We wouldn't be able to have festivals like this, wouldn't be able to have marriage in our own home," added Richard Brown. "I wouldn't be able to marry my boyfriend or the person that I chose. The person I love."
And it's why Healey said it's more important now than ever to get out and vote .
 "We got to get out and let our voices be known. Otherwise, our livelihoods are at stake," Healey said.