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Las Vegas police, public disagree over success of firework crackdown

Posted at 11:49 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 02:49:39-04
Las Vegas police are finally explaining how they cracked down on illegal fireworks.
Officers say they gave out just 10 tickets and seized 600 pounds of fireworks.
"Everywhere you looked there were explosions going off," Jack Mabry said.
Mabry is among the thousands, whose blood was boiling on the Fourth of July.
"I made sure the hose was hooked up and everything else, because they were setting them off right down the street," Mabry said.
With all the fireworks in his neighborhood, Mabry was shocked to hear Las Vegas police gave out just 10 tickets during its crackdown on illegal fireworks.
“Personally I think it was a joke," Mabry said of the crackdown.  "I mean right here in this immediate area, I could give a hundred citations with no problem.  I could just walk."
Las Vegas police say they understand the frustration, but felt there was a better solution.
"Citations are not always going to be the answer," officer Jay Rivera said.
Officers spent their time collecting illegal fireworks at calls, instead of handing out tickets.
"The 600 pounds of fireworks we recovered. That is the number we look at and we are satisfied with that number," Rivera said.
Metro says it will continue stepping up enforcement in the years to come.
People like Mabry say illegal fireworks should be officers’ second priority on the Fourth of July sitting just behind violent crimes.
"It is only like a four hour period from eight to twelve. That would not greatly impact the valley," Mabry said.
Police say they will look at possible ways to keep the illegal fireworks out of Clark County before the holiday next year.