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Las Vegas police officers go above and beyond to give family a memorable Christmas

Posted at 11:18 PM, Dec 27, 2017

A family is thanking two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers for giving their young son his best Christmas ever.

Michael Marciniak wants to be a cop when he grows up, and just got a flashing bicycle light as a gift.

"He likes police," Mark Marciniak, Michael's father, said. "He likes police noises and does his siren sounds and runs around."

So it was a stroke of luck when his Mark ran into two motorcycle officers at a nearby Chevron.

He asked them if they'd be willing to take a look at his son's new lights, and they didn't hesitate to follow him home.

Michael came outside to find both motorcycles' lights flashing. He pulled his bike in between theirs and got to sit on one.

"He was just smiling the whole time," said Monica Marciniak, Michael's mother.

It was a break from Michael doing the arresting. Mark says his son gives the family tickets in the house and loves to put them in toy handcuffs.

Monica says all Michael ever wants to do is wear is his police costume.