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Las Vegas police officer honored for saving man who pointed a gun at him

LVMPD officer honored for saving armed suspect
LVMPD officer honored for saving armed suspect
LVMPD officer honored for saving armed suspect
Posted at 4:33 PM, Sep 06, 2017

He is among the best to wear the badge at Las Vegas police and Las Vegas city officials honored Officer Jeff Burr as "Citizen of the Month" Wednesday.
Officer Burr is credited for saving the life of a suspect he was forced to shoot on July 18.
Body camera video released from Las Vegas police show the encounter going down in a crowded Kohl’s parking lot near North Durango Drive and the 215 beltway.
Seconds after Officer Burr arrived alone on a stolen vehicle and distressed man call, he was in a foot chase with a suspect.
Las Vegas police say and body camera video shows the suspect pull a handgun from his pants and point it at Burr.

"We don't ever wake up in the morning, thinking we are going to have to pull the trigger or be involved in an incident like that," said Las Vegas police Capt. Sasha Larkin.

Officer Burr opened fire, striking the suspect.

Moments later, Burr rendered first aid to the suspect.

"He used a tourniquet, after he shot this person, because I want you to understand this person tried to take his life, and shot at him first, and then the next moment Officer Burr is saving his,” Larkin explained.

Medical staff and doctors say Burr’s quick action saved the suspect.

"This is clearly an officer that we are lucky to have on our police force,” said Las Vegas Ward 6 Councilwoman Michele Fiore.