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Las Vegas police graduate 33 new officers, among most diverse and educated group yet.

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 22:38:15-04

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has graduated 33 new officers in the first academy since the 1 October shooting.

Some members of class 11-2017 hail from several different countries including, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

The class took on a special meaning, dedicating their academy to the memory of Officer Charleston Hartfield, who was killed during the 1 October shooting.

The more than half of the graduating class was considered minority and 66% have some college education.

The graduation ceremony at The Orleans Thursday, took on a special meaning for two brothers.

"It means everything, Danny started the academy, stared in the career, at the same age I was," said Las Vegas Metro Police Sgt. Jeff Clark.

“I did lose 40 pounds in the academy and they tell us an academy "effort equals success" and I’m here to say it really does," said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Daniel Clark.

For the Clarks, policing is now a family affair.

“As a family we have gone through a lot this last six months," said Sgt. Clark.

"I’ll say it, our father passed away [Danny's] first week in the academy and so it’s just been a tough road, I get choked up thinking about it but he’s here with us right?" added Sgt. Clark.

The group of 33 will now move on to the next phase which includes additional training for six months in the field.