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Las Vegas neighbors fighting proposed rehab hospital

Posted at 11:49 PM, Apr 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 02:49:45-04

People in the Las Vegas valley are banding together to fight off what they see as a potential threat.

They're pushing back against a drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital.

A group of businessmen in the health industry is trying to build one near Sandhill and Sunset roads, but neighbors don't want it near their homes.

At a Paradise Township Advisory Board meeting Tuesday, at least 75 people showed up to oppose the hospital.

Many of them said they're not against getting treatment for people who need help, but the location is just not right. Concerns include children walking by, the effect on home values, and security.

"What kind of training are they going to have?" said Paul Butler, a neighbor who voiced his thoughts to the board. "What is their certification going to be? That's my real question because we have a drug problem in the valley already. We don't need to bring in more."

The applicants at the meeting who want to bring the hospital chose not to comment to 13 Action News.

They told the board they chose the location because the immediate surrounding area appeared to be mostly industrial.

The board unanimously voted not to recommend the application.

It's now scheduled to be taken up in May at a meeting of the Clark County Commission.