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Las Vegas neighborhood taking coyotes seriously by posting warnings

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 11:05:06-04

A Las Vegas neighborhood is taking coyotes very seriously. Peccole Ranch is taking extra precautions as they warn residents about the wild animals because of the recent sightings.

Nicole Capone walks her Goldendoodle through the Peccole Ranch trails frequently.

"We walk over here every other day," she said.

Just this past weekend, Capone spotted big posters alerting her to be aware of coyotes in the area.

"I was scared because I had no idea that the coyotes were in this area," said Capone. "I mean I knew that they were in Vegas but I didn't know they were so close."

The posters can be found in multiple places throughout the trails. They read: "Be Alert. Coyotes are active in this area." Their main purpose is to let people know how important it is to keep your pets on a leash and use extra caution dusk through dawn.

"I'm happy they put the signs up because I think everyone needs to be aware."

Peccole Ranch Community Association tells 13 Action News, they want to be transparent with their residents about the coyotes. Security recently had to chase a coyote out of the neighborhood. The association also says their trails attract the coyotes because all the walking paths lead to flood channels. The association wants to stay ahead of the issue before something worse happens.

"Especially now that it is so hot, I take my dog out when the sun is down and I know the coyotes are out at that time so now I know to be aware and on the lookout if the signs weren't there then I might not be paying as close attention so I think it's a good thing."

It's a good reminder to pet owners that coyotes are moving more into our neighborhoods as we continue to build onto their land.