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Las Vegas neighborhood taken over by bunnies

Posted at 12:53 AM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 10:11:17-04

A Las Vegas neighborhood is being taken over by bunnies near Craig and Jones.

Pat and Bill Hunt tell 13 Action News the problem started years ago when one of the neighbors bred bunnies to feed to his exotic snakes.

After some time, he got rid of the snakes, and the bunnies didn't really have any place to go besides his back yard.

The Hunts say the bunnies began multiplying after that and then began to spread to other yards in the neighborhood.

"It gets worse all the time because they multiply every 30 days," said Pat Hunt.

The bunnies mainly stay over on the property next door to the Hunts but about twice a day, a group of them come over to the Hunts front yard.

The couple tells me they bought their house new 40 years ago and it looked beautiful. Now, their front yard has hardly any grass and there's holes everywhere from the bunnies digging.

“I think they are really cute and they are fun to watch but it gets to the point where 23 rabbits in your front yard every day is getting a little bit tough,” said Hunt.

The Hunts are considering buying a fence to go in their front yard to keep the bunnies out.

They feel the problem is almost too big to fix at this point. They are not sure how they will ever remove all the neighborhood bunnies.

The couple tells 13 Action News that Animal Control has been out to the neighborhood in the past but they claim the bunnies are wild so there's nothing they can do.

"These are not wild," said Hunt. "These are all domestic rabbits."