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Las Vegas motorcycle community says enough is enough

Posted at 11:55 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-16 14:04:58-04

A man is still fighting for his life after a serious crash near Charleston Boulevard and Pecos Road Thursday night. Police say he was on a motorcycle when he was hit by a pick-up truck and the driver took off on foot. Members of the motorcycle community say enough is enough. They say when one rider falls, it affects them all.

Within the last 15 days, there have been three motorcycle accidents in the valley.

Brent Sutton learned about Thursday night's crash when family members called hoping it wasn't him.

"Any time something like that happens, I get a text message on my phone,” said Sutton. “People are worried."

Brent's neighbor, Micah Schuck, says it's news like this that leads him to pray for safety every time he gets on his bike.

"It hits my heart,” Micah said. “It puts the fear into me because I got a family and kids to come home to."

Micah's wife, Ashley, says it's gotten to the point where she only rides on certain days of the week.

"There have been times where we wanted to ride on a nice cool night to somewhere and if it's a weekend, I just refuse to ride," said Ashley.

The group says their biggest frustration is that drivers are becoming more unaware of their surroundings.

"Some lady didn't know I was in the far right lane. She didn't stop at the red light and pulled right out in front of me."

Micah says smart phones are to blame.

"Texting. Checking your Facebook account while you're driving."

As smart phones become more popular, the crew feels that the number of motorcycle crashes will only rise from this point on.

“It's getting way out of control," Ashley says.

In the meantime, their hearts are with the victim from Thursday night.

"I will definitely keep him in my prayers tonight and I hope the Lord brings him through."