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Las Vegas mother searching for daughter's guardian angel

Posted at 11:28 PM, Mar 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-20 10:53:38-04

A Las Vegas mother is searching for a woman she was told performed CPR on her 19-year-old daughter and likely saved her life.

Keri Hoag-Maier says her daughter decided to walk home after they tracked down their dog who escaped their Southern Highlands home during the community yard sale.

Emily didn't make it home, landing in the hospital instead, but her mother didn't find that out until after she started frantically searching the neighborhood for the 19-year-old.

"My first thought was someone got her," Hoag-Maier said.

As she drove the neighborhood, she initially ignored a call from an unknown number, she later learned was the hospital where her daughter was taken.

"I had no idea what was wrong until I got there," Hoag-Maier said.

It was at the hospital the family learned the 19-year-old suffered a cardiac episode. 

As they spoke with the paramedics who brought their daughter to the hospital, the couple learned of the complete strangers who likely saved their daughter's life.

"One paramedic pulled my husband aside and told him in all his years he's never seen someone come back.  He said she is a superstar, came back the way she came back," Hoag-Maier said.

A neighbor nearby was able to relay more of the story, but couldn't provide any more information about the man who called 911 and the woman the family is now calling their guardian angel.

"He told us the whole thing that they were doing CPR for 15 minutes before the paramedics came and they did CPR, and they shocked her and took off," Hoag-Maier said. "She was down for 45 minutes he told me."

 The 19-year-old is still in the hospital as doctors work to figure out what may have caused the cardiac episode.

While she is waiting by her daughter's hospital bed, Hoag-Maier is hopeful they will be connected with the woman who came to her aid.

"We would really like to meet her and thank her, because if she hadn't been there we may be talking a totally different story," Hoag-Maier said.

If you know the woman who came to the teen's aid, you can send a message to Keri Hoag-Maier on her Facebook page.