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Las Vegas man's arrest featured in upcoming documentary

Posted at 11:33 PM, Jun 27, 2017
UPDATE: A judge has ordered and evidentiary hearing in the case against Galloway.
Galloway's attorney said the hearing will force the Metro officers to explain their actions in the case to determine three issues.
"They treated him horribly. We know that because of what they said when they didn't know the cameras were rolling.  I believe they acted in bad faith. I believe my client is innocent," Stephen Stubbs said.
Las Vegas police said they will not comment on the video because it is an active case.
PREVIOUS STORY: A camera recording officers as they are searching a car is drawing new attention after being included in a trailer for a new documentary titled "What Happened in Vegas: The movie police couldn't erase".
The GoPro on the dash of Solomon Silk Galloway’s car caught an officer saying, "Do what you got to do, because we gotta find something" after pulling Galloway from the passenger’s seat.
Galloway, who was a passenger in the car, has been charged with obstruction in the case that dates back to 2015.
His attorney, Stephen Stubbs, is asking those charges be dismissed.
That motion is set for a hearing on Wednesday afternoon.
It all started when Las Vegas police pulled over the car Galloway was in.
"The officer looks over at me and says, 'do you have your Id?' and I said yes.  He said, 'may I have it? and I said no you may not," Galloway said in an interview for the documentary “What Happened in Vegas”.
Stephen Stubbs says his client was correct there.
"They demanded the ID and he said no. Rightfully.  Silk was right on the law," Stubbs said.
It was just after that point that Galloway started recording with a GoPro camera on his dash.
It eventually captured him being pulled from the car.
"I'm going to give you to the count of three or I'm going to pull you out," an officer is heard saying in the video.
Stubbs points out the officer didn't start counting like he said he would before pulling Galloway out, but says he was more disturbed by what followed.
"The police did not act right here, and my clients rights were violated," Stubbs said.
When they didn't find anything, the officers, apparently unaware the camera was recording, are overheard talking about the results.
"Do what you got to do, because we gotta find something," an officer is heard saying on the GoPro video.
Officers eventually took Galloway to jail on obstruction charges.
"They took him to jail.  They arrested him and they cavity searched him," Stubbs said.
13 Action News reached out to Las Vegas police late Tuesday afternoon, but they did not respond before the story aired,