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Las Vegas man knew many of the Orlando shooting victims

Posted at 11:25 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 08:57:50-04

As people around the country continue to grieve for the victims of the Orlando massacre, there's people right here in Las Vegas with ties to Orlando. We spoke with one of them who knows of nearly half of the people who died.

Josh Alexander scrolled down his Facebook feed as he saw a picture of all the victims who had been identified so far.
"I know every single one of them on the top two lines," he said. "I at least ran into, talked to, seen, hung out with, played soccer with one of the young ones."
The last couple days have been full of tears for Alexander.
"The list just got longer and longer of people who we've known," he said.
Alexander's from Orlando and used to go to Pulse all the time, which makes this whole grieving process even harder.
"We know exactly how it's laid out, how Pulse is laid out, and just envisioning what was transpiring," he said.
It wasn't a bad ending for all of Alexander's friends though. One of them who was shot made it out alive.
"I found out this morning that he made it out OK so he will be OK," he said.
Another one of his friends named Kat got separated from her friends inside the club. She was stuck inside and no one heard from her for 15 hours following the shooting. She ended up making it out alive and went to the hospital to recover.