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Las Vegas man feels unwelcome at water park after online review

Posted at 11:31 PM, Jul 20, 2018

A Las Vegas man says he and his family feel unwelcome at Cowabunga Bay after he left a negative review about the park online.

Jeffrey Frischmann used to love going to Cowabunga Bay with his family. He loved it so much, he bought season passes two years in a row. But recently, there was a problem, which caused him to leave a review online.

Frischmann says there is a couple broken slides at the park. He says, ride attendants told him they would be fixed by this season after asking about the problem last season. To his surprise, the slides are still broken so he left a one-star review online.

The next time he went to visit the park, there was an issue. He had trouble getting in.

"Well when I got to the gate, they said my card was not working," said Frischmann. "There was an issue with my card."

Cowabunga Bay owner Shane Huish says that's because they flagged Frischmann's account so they could discuss the one-star review.

"If they are season pass holders, we are able to flag their season pass so we can actually meet with them personally on their next visit and find out what their complaints are and try and resolve them," said Huish.

Frischmann says their in-person meeting was very brief. He explained his frustration about the broken slides. Huish says they could not meet a resolution about the problem during their discussion.

"He did not work with me whatsoever," said Frischmann. "He gave me no options."

"I tried to resolve all the problems with him and when I wasn't able to meet his complaints with a positive resolution, I offered him a full refund on his pass which he accepted and we gave him a refund on his passes," said Huish.

But now Frischmann says he feels unwelcome and wishes there was a different outcome.

"That's not what I wanted," said Frischmann. "I didn't want a refund. I wanted to be at the park with my daughter and I wanted to enjoy the park like everyone else was doing."

The park says that Frischmann did ask for a full or partial refund initially, but then asked for some other type of compensation (food voucher or buddy pass) when he decided he still wanted to visit the park.