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Las Vegas man continues fight against rental house

Posted at 11:20 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 13:43:02-04
A Las Vegas man is taking his fight against a short term rental to the city council.
He says the same day he spoke with 13 Action News about a note he left for renters, more temporary neighbors moved in.
"It is an unacceptable situation, it cannot continue," Mario Pawlik said.
Pawlik is fed up with the constant stream of people moving in and out of a home across the street he says is being rented through Airbnb.  He claims they're bringing noise and crime to the neighborhood.  
"Complete random strangers running wild in your neighborhood," Pawlik said.
He says the last weekend started off with a gloomy outlook.
"There were nine motorcycles on the trailer and a couple independent riders. So you can imagine the noise problem," Pawlik said.
That's when Pawlik pulled out his phone and started gathering evidence to take to the city council.
He wasn't greeted by a smiling face.
"Why you [expletive] filming?” A man could be heard shouting in the video.
“Because I'm going to get this guy's license revoked," Pawlik responded as he tried to explain the issue. "The guy who rented you the house is the problem."
Eventually both went their separate ways on friendlier terms.
The host of the properties told 13 Action News on Friday, there are strict house rules, including no parties or events, and asks all of her guests to be aware of the neighbors around them.  
The host, Jessica, says while she doesn't agree with Pawlik's extreme tactics, she wants to make sure her guests are following both the city, and the house, rules. 
"Anything that's going wrong with the house, we want to know about it," says Jessica.  "We don't want it in the neighborhood either." 
Pawlik says he doesn't want short-term rentals at all.
He plans to take his concerns and the video to the Las Vegas City Council Wednesday when they are set to discuss more regulations on short term rental properties inside the city limits.
"We are looking for our elected officials to solve this problem for us," Pawlik said.
When we reached out to Airbnb about the concerns we received this statement in response.
“The overwhelming majority of Airbnb guests are respectful travelers, so complaints and issues are incredibly rare, but we always want to do everything we can to help our community members be good neighbors in the places our hosts call home. Our host community in the City of Las Vegas are middle class families -- many are mothers, fathers, and retired seniors -- who rely on Airbnb to make ends meet.”
-- Jasmine Mora, Airbnb press secretary
The company also has a way for neighbors to send concerns about propertiesto Airbnb directly.