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Crazy video shows Las Vegas man nearly run over by package thief

Posted at 11:19 PM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-29 12:01:50-05

A Las Vegas man says he is lucky he wasn’t badly injured while trying to stop a person he says stole a package from his doorstep.

The frightening encounter was caught on a neighbor's security camera when Frank Ewbank confronted the man who was backed into the neighbor’s driveway.

It started minutes earlier when Ewbank came down to pick up a package he said held his dad’s paycheck.

"I heard the UPS driver so I grabbed my shoes, grab my cigarette and come down.  By the time I open the door there is a red Nissan taking off,” Ewbank said.

Initially, Ewbank said his only plan was to let the delivery driver know someone was in the area taking packages, but things quickly changed.

"I warned him to stop dropping stuff off he was being followed. He actually knew where the car was on the other side of the street. Followed him over there,” Ewbank said.

That’s where the video starts showing a red car backed into a driveway.

The man in the car first walks up to the door of the home, but doesn’t appear to knock or ring the doorbell that was equipped with a motion sensing camera.

As the man gets back into the car, the UPS truck pulls into frame followed by Ewbank’s car, which he used to try to block the other car into the driveway.

As Ewbank yelled for the driver to stop, the red car backs up and squeezes onto the sidewalk to get away.

Ewbank barely gets out of the way, while also punching at the window.

Ewbank then got back in his car and headed off after the red car.

"Followed him all the way up to Decatur, got on the 215.  Unfortunately on my behalf I ran out of fuel so I had to pull off,” Ewbank said.

Ewbank said he was on the phone with authorities as he followed the car, but returned home to find the official police report.

He says officers quickly had the video that was shared through the Ring website.