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Las Vegas group stands with Paris

Posted at 10:40 AM, Nov 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-14 13:40:41-05

A small group gathered together just hours after the deadly attacks in Paris to show their support for the victims.

The group gathered at the former home of the Penn Jillette, which is now home to the Church of Bacon.

Organizers say they wanted to spread the message that everyone needs to stand with the people of Paris regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

They lit candles during the 30 minute vigil, and placed them in the shape of the number 153.

That signified the number of reported victims at the time of the event.

They acknowledged that number would likely rise, but said it was all they wanted to provide the type of support Americans received following 9/11.

"I have a lot of hope because we are a country that generally takes care of other people and because we are such an international community and such a melting pot of people, I hope we can get together and show them we are unified in the support," Brandon Ellyson said.

Organizers say they expect to see more events in the Las Vegas area in the coming days.