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Las Vegas girl creates, sells anti-bully t-shirts

Posted at 7:43 AM, Mar 16, 2018

A local teenager is creating her own t-shirts in an effort to inspire kids to stand up against bullying.

Hana Benameur, 13, of Las Vegas loves anime and she loves to draw. Recently, she started combining her art skills with Photoshop to create unique t-shirt designs.

“I was like, ‘Hey! You should just make it into something inspirational for other people who would like to wear it,” Hana said.

Her shirts feature anime drawings along with messages like “Spread love, not hate” and “hate is toxic”. Hana said she came up with the idea because she’s faced bullying herself.

“I am Muslim-American. I’ve been called names by adults, I’ve been bullied,” she said, “I don't want kids who've been like me not to be in the dark."

Hana submitted the t-shirt designs to Amazon. The website is now selling her shirts and Hana is getting a portion of the money. She plans to use that money to pay for college.

“She’s always wanted to make money for herself and she’s always wanted to go to college,” said Hana’s mom Savana Benameur. “We’re just really proud of her.”

Hana hopes the shirt sales will be a successful way to spread positivity among teenagers.