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Las Vegas firefighters help a senior dog check things off her bucket list

Posted at 9:19 AM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 12:19:22-05

Some Las Vegas firefighters are helping a senior dog check things off her bucket list.  

Owner Kristy Hingtgen says it's a list she'd rather not finish with her 15 year old Dalmatian, Zoe. 

"She kind of gave me a little bit of a scare the day before Thanksgiving, so I was like oh my goodness, I must do this now," says Hingtgen. 

First on the list, was a photo shoot with a firetruck.  Since rescuing Zoe 15 years ago, Hingtgen has been fascinated by the history of Dalmatians and their brave role next to firefighters.  So Hingtgen took Zoe to a Las Vegas Fire and Rescue station.  

"I just said, 'So I have a Dalmatian!', and they were like come on in," says Hingtgen.  

The pictures of Zoe are something Hingtgen says she can cherish forever.

Next on the bucket list, eat at Lazy Dog Restaurant, and meet the Budweiser Clydesdales.