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Las Vegas family living in fear after home shot twice

Posted at 7:05 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 13:58:04-04

A family living near Sahara Avenue and Hualapai Way is fearing for their lives after they say someone shot at their Summerlin home twice over the course of the past week.

Lauren Miller lives in the home with her mom and son. She returned home from work last week and noticed what appeared to be a bullet next to the garage.

She did not think much of it and moved on with her life.

But a week later, it happened again. This time, this bullet went through her garage door, into the license plate of her mom's car and landed in the trunk.

"I was scared," said Miller. "Also, I have a son that lives with me, and you never know, I go into the garage to get drinks all the time."

This time she called her brother over to check it out, and she called the police.

"The cop that came, she just told me that it was really weird and she asked me if I had any problems with anybody."

Miller says she has no enemies. Police suggested to Miller it may have something to do with the people who rented the home for the seven years prior.

"If it was just one time I would be like OK maybe it was just random," she said. "But two times in the same place, it's not random."

Miller wants her neighbors to be aware of what's happening in case the shooter or shooters comes back.

"I just want them to know to be safe and to be cautious," she said. "Also the cops told us if we see anything suspicious to just call 911 and don't hesitate. I really don't want this to happen again or to anybody else over here or anywhere."

Police tell 13 Action News this is an open investigation and they have not identified a suspect.