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Las Vegas family finds stranger asleep in home

Posted at 11:46 PM, Sep 27, 2017

A Las Vegas family was shocked to find a stranger in their home when they came home early Monday morning.

Luckily the scary situation had funny ending, with the stranger taking after Goldilocks instead of the Big Bad Wolf.

"Here he is.  Here he is," Paul Lemus said as he watched surveillance video of a stranger walking into his home.

In the video you see the man standing outside on the sidewalk for several minutes.

He then makes his way into the home.

He walks off camera into the kitchen where Lemus said he found the kitchen cupboards opened and ransacked.

About a minute later the man settles into a chair in the living room and falls asleep.

That is how Lemus and his family found him.

“I looked at her, she looked at me and I think I said Oh, No, maybe a bad word," Lemus said.  "I backed up out of the door, closed it slowly and got him up on the camera, so I could keep an eye on what he was doing and called Metro."

You see Metro officers arrive in the room and try to wake the man.

Their first attempt appeared to fail, but them the man seemed startled by the officers.

They then have a brief struggle before the man is handcuffed and taken out of the home.