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Running water returns for families after more than 48 hours

Posted at 11:16 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 23:51:47-04

LATEST:  Residents tell 13 Action News the water was turned back on Tuesday night.

Tenants are not just feeling grateful for the running water.  

"The community is really awesome for sticking together in this terrible time," said one neighbor.  

A burst pipe Sunday night forced the water to be shut off for more than 48 hours.

Benita Palmer contacted 13 Action News for help.  She said the situation made it unbearable for her grandkids.

Palmer brought in buckets of water from a nearby complex.  

On Tuesday night, she was busy cleaning up.  

"I can't wait to get in the shower," she said.

13 Action News has been in touch with management throughout this ordeal.

ORIGINAL:  Las Vegas families are left without water for more than 24 hours after a pipe burst near Bonanza Road and Martin Luther King Boulevard Sunday night.

"I haven't been able to wash any dishes," said Caretha Saldana.

Saldana just moved into her unit last month. Right now, her pregnant daughter is also living in the complex.

Despite this intense summer heat, families haven't been able to take a cold shower or even flush the toilet.

The on-site property manager tells 13 Action News a pipe suddenly burst Sunday night. The power was briefly turned off.

As of Monday night, the water was still not back on.

Several crews have been contacted, according to the property manager.

They are working to fix the issue as soon as possible. A pipe apparently needs to be replaced.

Neighbor Benita Palmer lives with her grandchildren in her unit.

"They keep asking for water," said Palmer.

The Red Cross has delivered water bottles to the family, according to Palmer.

13 Action News spoke with the owner of the property on the phone Monday evening.

He said he expects the water to be back on in the next day. However, the lack of water was not the only complaint tenants had.

"You can come through, it's messed up anyway," said Shannon Smith.

Smith showed our crews another unrelated issue. She says a leaky pipe has flooded her apartment. The carpet in her living room was soaked. She says the issue has been ongoing for days.

The on-site property manager says the leak has been fixed.

13 Action News will stay in touch with all parties about these two separate issues.

We will post updates as we get them.