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Parents concerned, outraged after man asks students for hugs near Las Vegas bus stop

Posted at 11:33 AM, Feb 24, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Students at Wright Elementary School near Durango Drive and Blue Diamond Road were approached by a man last week, according to a letter sent to parents by the school's principal.

It happened on Thursday afternoon after students got off of a bus near Durango and Early Horizon drives and were walking home.

February 21, 2020

Dear Wright families:

The safety of our students is the number one priority at Wright Elementary School. As always, we want to keep you informed of important issues happening within our school community. We learned today that a man approached some students walking home from their bus stop yesterday, “asking them for hugs.” This occurred near Durango and Early Horizon. The students ran away immediately and reported the incident to their parent. Law enforcement was contacted, and the situation is currently under investigation.

This incident serves as an important opportunity to remind our students of safe practices when walking to and from our school. The following are reminders that will help you discuss safety with your child:

● Walk in groups to and from school.

● Never take rides from strangers.

● If you are approached by a stranger, keep a safe distance and think of a direction to run if needed.

● Shout and yell as loud as you can.

● Never give out your name or address to people you do not know. This is especially true on the Internet.

● Run to a safe place, i.e., school, church, store, etc.

● Always let your parents or guardians know where you are. Take the same route to school every day.

● Be sure you know your parents’ full names, addresses and phone numbers.

● If possible, get a license plate number.

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance. Please report any suspicious activity to the local police department and/or school administrators, just like our student did today.

Thank you for your assistance. Please do not hesitate to call our office at 702-799-5701 should you have any questions or concerns.


Maribel McAdory

13 Action News spoke with one parent who says that she walks her child to the bus stop every day even though her child is old enough to walk alone.