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Las Vegas Doctor offers tips to determine if the flu could turn deadly

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 20:33:40-05

Ten more children have died as a result of the flu, according to latest numbers from the Center for Disease Control.

The CDC said in total 30 children have died and hundreds more have contracted Influenza this season.

Mother Jessica Russo said all three of her children got the flu. She said the symptoms were so bad she worried if they would need to be hospitalized.

"Her cheeks were extremely red you know she had a fever," Russo said. "I felt helpless really."

The flu is infiltrating homes and in some cases the medicine is not enough, but how do you know if your sickness is more serious?

"The average person is like well I don't want to sit home and watch someone if they are dying, but I also don't want to panic if it's the flu," Dr. Daliah Wachs said.

Dr. Wachs said the most common cause of death from the flu is being misdiagnosed.

"We're looking at either a secondary infection like pneumonia or something else," Wachs said.

Here are some signs you can look out for to tell if the flu could turn life-threatening:

  • If do not you have digestive issues, but still have a high fever.
  • You're dehydrated and can't keep down fluids
  • If you have a constant cough and chest pain

Wachs suggests people also avoid telling their doctors they have the flu, instead asked to be tested so that you are positively diagnosed.

"Tell the doctor look I'm having fever, I'm having these symptoms and what if it's not the flu, what else could it be," Wachs suggested.