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Las Vegas dispensary misses out on historic first day of sales because of paperwork snag

Posted at 11:10 PM, Jul 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-02 02:10:48-04

Saturday was the first day people could legally buy recreational marijuana in Nevada, but one dispensary was forced to keep its doors shut.

Top Notch THC near Stephanie and Russell is losing business this weekend because of a bureaucratic snag that prevented some of its paperwork from being processed with the state.

John Heishman, one of the dispensary's co-owners, got a call Friday afternoon that his business wasn't cleared to sell recreational pot.

A celebration had already been planned, and Heishman says they told about 800 people to leave.

"So much anticipation just gearing up for this big moment and just having this put on our shoulders like that, it was very overwhelming," Heishman said.

Employees had countless conversations Saturday with customers on the phone about how they weren't open for business.

A few miles up the road, Shango Premium Cannabis had lines out the door for its recreational marijuana.

Heishman hopes the heavy demand will turn into a boon for him when Top Notch is finally able to sell.

"We should be one of the places that has product after other places might be out," he said.

Top Notch employees said they'll be selling recreational pot by Wednesday.