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Las Vegas detectives honored for work on teen's 2009 murder

Four men were indicted in the case last summer
Posted at 6:47 PM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 22:12:43-04

Detectives who turned a cold case into arrests were honored Thursday for their work.

In February 2009, Aric Brill was shot and killed at a house party. There were lots of people at the party, but the case still went cold.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department assigned the then cold case to Detectives Rich Moreno and Darin Cook.

"They never forgot about Aric," said Aric's mom, Karen Brill Kelley, of the two detectives. "I think they saw the pain on my face. I appreciate that they never forgot about Aric."

Detectives Moreno and Cook spent years trying to solve the case

"This is very in-depth and it took a lot of research because there was a lot of old evidence that we had to bring forth," said Detective Cook.

Karen was able to get the closure she needed after the work of Detectives Cook and Moreno led to indictments against four people.

"It's painful losing Aric, it's painful being without him, but I'm able to breathe a little bit now," she said. "I'm able to grieve him in a more positive manner."

Detectives Cook and Moreno were just two of the officers honored Thursday.

Dozens more were honored, some for stories you would never hear, and other for high-profile events like the final presidential debate and the car crash on the Strip outside Paris Las Vegas.