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Las Vegas Dad-preneur building Stroller Costumes

Posted at 11:47 PM, Sep 20, 2017

As thousands of little kids around Las Vegas are dreaming up ideas for this year's Halloween costume, Moshe Atkins is thinking of ways to decorate their rides.

Atkins, who calls himself a "dad-preneur" is hand packing the first batch of Stroller Costumes after two plus years of development work.

"Every order we get they jump for joy," Atkins said of his wife and kids.

The father of two said the idea struck him when his sone was two years old.

"I was going for a walk outside with my son, and the little stinker didn't want to stay in the stroller," Atkins said. "Beyond giving him my phone, I thought what can I do to convince him.  Then it hit me, my wife told me her friend drives 30 minutes out of her way to go to one of the Smith's stores that has those special shopping carts."

So after finding nothing on the market to decorate his son's stroller, Atkins said he decided to tackle the problem himself.

He said many designers initially turned him away saying it couldn't be done.

Some of the early prototypes were even held together by duct tape, but after plugging along and building later prototypes with a 3D printer, Atkins finally had a product ready for mass production.

It includes six characters he named along with his wife.

 "Hank is the Sheriff,  Al is the fire chief, Jet and Jeanette are twins the racers and Bob is the contractor," Atkins said.

The first shipment arrived at his office last week and he has been working to hand wrap each box for delivery.

Atkins said later shipments will be earmarked for sale on Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and even Walmart's website.

The business didn't come without sacrifice.

"A lot of long nights, a lot of sacrifices.  A lot of nights away from the family," Atkins said.

Even as children are making the rounds in the Stroller Costumes, Atkins son who inspired the innovation is getting too old to enjoy the finished product.

Atkins said it is still worth the work.

"You have to go for it.  Life is too short," Atkins said.

He hoping to grab the attention of customers in the coming months and hopefully investors.

Atkins even has an application for Shark Tank sitting on his desk with his sights set on presenting his product on the show one day.