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Las Vegas couple's security camera snatched from home

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-14 13:50:47-04

A valley couple is on edge after their security camera was snatched from outside their home near Westcliff and Rainbow on Thursday morning.

"I had an appointment today, and I was terrified to leave the house," said Rose La Rose.

La Rose says she got a notification on her phone and then saw a hand approach the lens of the camera.

"I thought he might have been adjusting the camera, which he does every once in a while," said La Rose.

It wasn't her husband Victor but instead, the hands of a crook taking the couple's Ring Doorbell. La Rose realized it the next morning when she tried to check the system.

"...it said error, error, error," she said.

It's not about the $200 she lost.

"I didn't know if they could come back," she said.

La Rose has filed a police report. She says she's concerned about the crook's potential motive. 

Years ago, their very house was broken into while she was sleeping inside. The family believes there may be surveillance images of the suspect.

13 Action News is waiting to confirm that with police.