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Las Vegas couple says their home has been targeted 11 times by criminals

Posted at 3:34 PM, Nov 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 01:06:49-05

A Las Vegas couple in their 70s say they feel violated and devastated after their home of 30 years has been the target of thieves 11 times since late October.

Ingmar Njus opens the door to his home near Jones and Desert Inn like he has countless times over the past 30 years but what he sees inside is hardly recognizable.

"It is just totally devastating," said Njus.

Njus says it must have been multiple thieves that broke into his home as he points to the enormity of the mess and chaos.

The first break-in was discovered on Halloween night.

After Njus and his wife returned home from a trip to California they decided they had to stay with their daughter Kathy due to the mess.

"It has been our home for 30 years and to come in and have it just destroyed, as my mom said to me the other day 'they have destroyed my home,' said Kathy Njus.

After the first break in, the Njus' say the thieves kept entering their home by breaking windows, kicking in the front door and smashing the back door.

"They have targeted things, they know what they've left behind and I think they say 'oh, well I'll come back later and get that," said Ingmar.

Ingmar says bags of frozen food and other items have been staged around the house after some of the burglaries.

Ingmar says there are priceless items like his military ribbons and his wife's jewelry that are among the missing items.

"We have no idea exactly what is missing, but we know all of Kathy's jewelry, her charm bracelet is gone, my wife, all of her jewelry is gone, her expensive emerald ring, necklaces and things," said Ingmar.

The Njus say Las Vegas police were able to lift finger prints and DNA from the home.

The Njus say they also provided police some possible leads from a suspicious vehicle they found parked in the driveway of their home which included parole and probation paperwork with a name and date of birth.

"I think it's the feeling of being violated," said Kathy Njus.

"There is no regard for the fact that this is somebody's home and their possessions and a lifetime of memories," added Kathy Njus.

"They are just tossed, walked on, and destroyed, it's heartbreaking," said Kathy Njus.

The Njus filed a claim with their homeowners insurance but they need to make a list of the missing items.

That process could take months, they say.

Eventually the Njus plan to sell the home.

It is unclear if Las Vegas police have made any arrests in the case.

A family friend has established a fundraising effort, details on how to help can be found here.