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Las Vegas corporations tied to Panama Papers

Posted at 11:25 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 02:25:51-04
The Panama Papers database is now live and ready for you to search.
It includes thousands of records, including hundreds from companies in Las Vegas.
Many suspect companies on the list of being shell companies used to funnel money to offshore tax havens.
From Abble Holding to Zelda International, there are more than 200 Las Vegas corporations listed in the Panama Papers database made public Monday.
118 of those are listed at the same address downtown near 7th Street and Clark Avenue. That address is now home to a family law office, but they moved in just six months ago.
Online records show the office was the former home of MF Corporate Services, a company the secretary of state shows has served as a registered agent for more than a thousand corporations in Nevada.
We tried to go to the company’s new office near Pecos Road and Patrick Lane, but had the door shut in our face. 

What about the actual corporations listed in the Panama Papers database?
Let's take Gazel International for example. The database shows it is connected to one intermediary. 
But following the trail, that corporation is tied to 37 companies, many of them tied to the downtown Las Vegas address that was once home of MF Corporate Services.
It is important to note setting up an offshore company is not by itself illegal or evidence of illegal conduct, but critics maintain shell companies can be used to launder money or shield it from taxation.