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Las Vegas community fed up with stream of visitors at condo

Posted at 11:49 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 10:18:31-04

Neighbors say they are fed up with the endless stream of visitors at one man's condominium near Russell Road and Buffalo Drive.

"A lot of the neighbors have been watching and we're nervous about it," said George Burris.

Burris has lived in his unit for 25 years. He says he hasn't felt comfortable in recent months.  

According to neighbors and the HOA, one owner has been constantly inviting travelers into his condominium using a website called CouchSurfing.com.  

"I've had some of the couch surfers give me some real dirty looks, real threatening looks," said Burris, "nothing verbal, but I don't go out after dark."

The website is a community of millions in cities across the world. The stated goal is to travel and connect by letting people crash on your couch for free. Burris says his neighbor is an active member with dozens of reviews.

Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin tells 13 Action News they investigated and closed this case. This isn't considered an illegal short-term rental because the host isn't getting paid.

Free or not, Burris says he doesn't feel safe at home. The HOA tells 13 Action News they believe the man is skirting rental rules.

The man was reportedly using Airbnb before but the HOA was able to shut that down. Right now, board members are working with their attorney to determine what, if anything, can be done in this case.

Meanwhile, the website does state that safety is a top priority. There are procedures and policies in place to help prevent negative experiences.  

In our Facebook poll, 74% of over 700 respondents said that yes, they would be bothered if their neighbor was hosting a tourist in their home.