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Marshal deputies to patrol parks and trails

Posted at 7:02 PM, Mar 21, 2016

The Las Vegas Marshals will begin patrolling local parks and trails as part of a pilot program announced on Monday. 

In a public meeting, Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Chief Michelle Freeman announced the six deputies who are looking to keep families safe while outdoors. 

The deputies will be patrolling parks and trails while on motorcycles, in order to help them catch crime that's rarely seen by a patrol car. 

"We can use the motorcycles to get into parks and trail systems a lot better than we can with patrol vehicles," Freeman said. 

The motorcycles will also be cost effective as all are either electric or battery powered. 

People said they think the new program will be a success in keeping their families safe. 

"Especially a big park like Lorenzi, where you never can tell what will happen with kids getting snatched, so, you can never tell what will happen," said one park goer.