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Homeless ordinance in Las Vegas takes effect Sunday

Las Vegas City Council passes ordinance, protesters express dissent
Posted at 10:55 PM, Nov 05, 2019

UPDATE NOV. 10: The homeless ordinance takes effect today, though police say they will not enforce the law until next year. Under the ordinance, anyone caught sleeping in the street can be fined $1,000 and spend 6 months in jail.


UPDATE 6 P.M. NOV. 6: Las Vegas City Council passed the homeless ordinance with a 5-2 vote on Wednesday.

Councilpersons Brian Knudsen and Olivia Diaz voted against it. Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore, along with councilpersons Victoria Seaman, Stavros Anthony and Cedric Crear all voted in favor. READ MORE

Watch the city council meeting below:

UDATE NOV. 6: The City Council meeting is underway, but things have gotten off to a rocky start.

Meeting begins at 9:00 pic.twitter.com/11DpOpK0WN

— @SeanKTNV (@seanktnv) November 6, 2019

Dozens of protesters gathered before the meeting at 9 a.m. in front of city hall to make their voices heard. They also began chanting once inside city hall.

The bill would make it illegal to sit, sleep, or camp on public right-of-ways or near loading docks if there are open beds at area homeless shelters.

Protesters said the bill criminalized homelessness and would make issues homeless people struggle with worse.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman said the bill was designed to connect homeless people with necessary resources in getting long term housing and address sanitation and safety issues on Las Vegas' streets.

The Las Vegas City Council is set to debate a controversial proposal on Wednesday that aims to remove homeless people from the streets.

If passed, the ordinance would make it illegal to camp, sit or sleep on the street or sidewalk when beds are available at homeless shelters.

The city says the ordinance is designed to solve sanitation issues and direct homeless people to helpful resources.

The ordinance has sparked local protests by opponents and has gained national attention, with some 2020 presidential candidates weighing in on the issue.