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Las Vegas business, whose truck was used to help save victims, fears shutting down after shooting

Posted at 6:10 PM, Oct 11, 2017

The local business that was praised after a veteran commandeered their truck to help dozens of people is now feeling the impact of the 1 October shooting.

Sin City Portables and Posh Restroom are out of the one thing they need to stay in business: portables.

"We never turn down an event," said Randy Goldstrom.

The company, which Goldstrom and his father started out of their garage, provided about 98 percent of their inventory to The Route 91 Harvest Festival.

"We were building bathrooms in our garage at the age of 15,16," Goldstrom said. "[our] whole life has been revolved around this."

Their portables are now part of the shooting crime scene, and investigators have told the family they may not get them back until October 29. Many of the portables may also be riddled with bullets.

"We're just hoping to get past it," Goldstrom said.

Goldstrom says his company makes most of their money at events hosted between September through December. 

Right now, they are just hoping they get their portables back in time for another big event, The Shriners Open.

Goldstrom says his business is nothing compared to the lives lost during the shooting. He just doesn't want to let a tragic situation win.

"It's horrible what he did. He affected multiple people, all the businesses that were there and all the victims that were there," Goldstrom said.