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Las Vegas business owner helps empower mothers with jobs

Hires freelancers, coaches women
Posted at 11:20 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 08:46:23-04

A Las Vegas business owner is helping to empower mothers by providing them with freelance work and career advice.

"People think that they've got to put their job first and I don't believe that," said Ginger L. Allen.  Allen is the CEO of Your Marketing Liaison.  She started her company five years ago. 

Right now, she has eight mothers on the payroll as freelancers.

"I'm giving them enough work and I'm also coaching them on how to build their business," she said.

Allen says education and networking are key.

"To get to be a successful business person or an influencer," she said, "you have to fail many times and get back up."

Mom Marcella Nelson is one of the women who works for Allen.  The photographer has a 6-month-old daughter named Sophia.

"I really feel like I'm blessed to do what I really love," she said. 

Nelson is working to establish her business photographing newborns.  She says success is all about time management.

"You will find time to be with your family, for yourself, and for your business," she said.

Allen says she is hiring.  For more information, you can visit her website.

Allen shared two different Facebook groups for networking.  The first is called Network of Women Business Owners.  The second is called Women's Entrepreneur Network.