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Las Vegas beekeeper gives advice after last week's attack

Posted at 5:26 PM, Apr 10, 2017

Several people in a local neighborhood are nervous after bees attacked 3 people and killed a dog last week.

Local beekeeper Josh Hammons told 13 Action News that vigilance can pay off when it comes to bees.

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He says that bees can get into a home through a pencil-sized hole and if a queen bee gets inside, the other bees will follow her.

Hammons says that he has never seen a swarm attack like the one last week but that it can happen. However, it usually only happens if the bees have been agitated by something.

Hammons says one way to get away from bees is to jump into a car and turn up the air conditioning.

He also says that a vacuum cleaner can be used to scare away bees.

If you need help getting rid of bees, contact Josh Hammons at 801-529-7562 or email him at hammonshoney@hotmail.com.