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Lake Las Vegas woman desperate to find missing therapy dog

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jun 09, 2017

A Lake Las Vegas woman says she's desperate to find her missing dog.

Kimberly Durosko says the English foxhound mix named Gator got out of the house Tuesday when she was leaving for work. He hasn't been seen since.

Durosko and her husband recently moved to the neighborhood, and Gator wasn't familiar with it yet.

"He doesn't know his way around so for him to become disoriented and lost is pretty easy," Durosko said.

Gator's registered as a therapy dog, and she says he regularly visits with children and goes to hospitals.

"He's not just a normal family pet that we're desperate to get back," Durosko said. "He actually means something to the community."

The family lives in a neighborhood still under construction so there were no neighbors around to see Gator go.

Durosko and her husband have taken on the search, covering miles of trails and desert on their bikes.

"He's our family member," she said. "He's our heart. I'm worried sick."

In addition to printing "missing" posters and posting on social media, Durosko is ordering hundreds of postcards to be handed out soliciting help.

If anyone has information on Gator, they're asked to called Durosko at (702) 696-8472.