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Lack of buses leads to major backup outside school

Posted at 6:57 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-03 01:08:39-04

A busy local roadway is being clogged by parents waiting to pick up their children.

13 Action News was there Friday while parents from American Preparatory Academy backup into oncoming traffic on Durango Drive near Patrick Lane.

"I do worry a little about getting rear-ended," said parent Alicia Dobbins.

Cars honked as nearly 6 parents, in the right hand lane of Durango Drive, caused others to make quick lane changes.

Dobbins said she does everything before stopping so cars don't hit her.

"I put on my hazards ahead of time to let people know I'm slowing down and stopping," Dobbins said.

13 Action News did speak to school administrators, who said they don't have any buses meaning parents must pick up their kids. They went on and said this year two schools are combined on camp catering to nearly 1,500 students.

"It may take a while but it's a great school so it's worth it," Dobbins said.

School administrators want to remind parents to pick up their students from the 2 designated areas and not to show up until 15 minutes before school ends. They hope this advice will help alleviate the traffic congestion.

"I hope they can figure something out," said dad Shane Mecham.