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Crews clean up racist message on sidewalk

Posted at 1:02 AM, Feb 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 22:08:01-05
LATEST UPDATE: Cleaning crews were seen Tuesday morning covering up the racist messages.
UPDATE: A swastika is painted on a sidewalk just a block away from an East Las Vegas Elementary School. 
When 13 Action News arrived to the Winterwood neighborhood the message that originally read "Whites Only" was painted over, but the Swastika was still very visible. 
"If you have kids walking by here, this is just unreal," said Marlene Monarrez, who noticed the signage today. 
Many parents and children from Wengert Elementary School walked by the swastika, Monday. 
"It's very irritating, so, just because I'm a minority why does race have to be something that makes you different from me," said Monarrez. 
"We have a lot of kids that passed by the house, if someone chose to do that, they should take that somewhere else" said Alejandro Ledesma, who's nephew goes to Wengert Elementary. 
According to one neighbor, this isn't the first time he's seen the Swastika painted in his neighborhood. 
"He had swastikas painted on the driveway and on the street in the past," said one neighbor. 
13 Action News did try to talk to the homeowner who quickly asked us to leave his home. We have no confirmed if he was the one who actually wrote the offensive language. 
We also contacted the county to see whether someone has reported the graffiti to be removed, but did not hear back. Neighbors said they would call until the sign is gone. 
A racist message was spray-painted on a curb about a block from an elementary school.  A viewer tells 13 Action News it happened Friday morning on Winterwood Boulevard, near South Nellis Boulevard.  
"Whites Only" was scrawled in white spray paint in the predominately Hispanic neighborhood.
A black swastika was painted on the adjacent sidewalk. 
Some parents on the block said they're not only insulted, but also concerned.
"Is it just something somebody thoughtlessly wrote or is there more seriousness to it," said father Jeremy Tyler.
"We live in 2016, not the 1920s anymore," said Tyler's wife, Mickey Willis.
The couple's children spotted the hateful message as they were walking to Cyril Wengert Elementary School.
"I was thinking it was going to be a great day, then I look across the street," said 10-year-old Alyssa Yedge.
Alyssa's younger brother Jeremiah said he just wants the message to be removed.
"We're Asian mixed with black," said the 9-year-old. "Alyssa was like hey, that's like starting segregation all over again."
The siblings had just learned about racial segregation during Black History Month at school.
Now, they must face that ugly phrase of the past every time they go outside. 
"Why would they put something up like you know that you're in a Mexican neighborhood," said Alyssa. 
The identity of the person responsible is not known.
Our crews knocked on several nearby homes to gather more information.
Fifteen minutes after our reporter and photographer left, it appears someone tried to wipe away the message.
13 Action News will continue to follow this developing story.